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El Monte

El Monte – 2nd review

By On February 3, 2011

I’m usually good with change. Considering that I eat at a different restaurant (or two or three) every week due to my review schedule, and my world is constantly different from day… Read More

Beach House Grill

Beach House Grill

By On January 10, 2011

It can be tricky for a person to balance all of life’s responsibilities. Like a juggler in the circus keeping all of the balls up in the air, multi-tasking can be challenging… Read More

Out Of Business

Señor Camaron

By On December 27, 2010

I opened the door and a wave of salty ocean aroma washed over me, flooding me with memories of afternoons on the beach on the Pacific Northwest coast. The only things that… Read More

Cilantro Grille

Cilantro Grille

By On August 24, 2010

Over the years, I’ve found that life is much more enjoyable when it’s not muted and dull. It takes courage to step outside the boundaries of our boxes, to speak louder, to… Read More

food trucks and carts

Primo’s Mobile Unit (aka: Taco Truck by Jax)

By On August 3, 2010

In the parenting community, we joke about how a little dirt is good for the kids. “It strengthens their immune system.” Whether this is true or not, I’m one of those moms… Read More

Fast Casual

Matador Mexican Grill

By On May 28, 2010

Sometimes, it’s not always about being the first. Sometimes, it pays to wait it out; to wait for the dust to settle, for the smoke to clear, for the novelty to wear… Read More


Consuelo’s New Mexican Restaurant

By On March 22, 2010

** Closed as of November 2011** Being a parent of two small boys has it’s challenges. Going out to eat is one of them. When we eat out together as a family,… Read More


Pobre Pancho’s

By On January 28, 2010

Last week the cooking club I belong to got together for our monthly theme night. This month’s theme was “cheese”. It was much like Iron Chef with a secret ingredient, everyone making… Read More

El Monte

El Monte Bar and Grill

By On December 16, 2009

Sometimes I wake up and want to pinch myself to see if I’m still dreaming. This gastronomic journey in Fort Collins that I’ve been fortunate enough to go on has sometimes been… Read More


Taqueria Los Comales

By On August 31, 2009

There are times that I go to a restaurant and try something on the menu that they are “famous” for. Sometimes those items are great, other times they are not. Sometimes I… Read More

five stars

La Luz Mexican Grill

By On August 4, 2009

When talking about food and restaurants with people, sometimes my mind jumps right into word association. Someone says “The Rio” and I think margaritas. We talk about burritos and I think of… Read More

five stars

Los Tarascos

By On July 24, 2009

I’ve found it. I’ve found a Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins that I really like. To me, nothing else compares (as far as I’ve discovered), but some of my friends disagree. Good… Read More

Big City Burrito

Big City Burrito

By On June 23, 2009

Burritos are to Fort Collins like maize was to the early Native Americans. It’s a staple food here and everyone is looking for the best place to grab one. Is it the… Read More


The Rio Grande

By On May 25, 2009

Sometimes, you just need a night out. I don’t know about everyone else, but those days where everything seems to go wrong, those weeks that seem to drag on – they always… Read More