Feasting Fort Collins


Restaurant ratings are mostly based on the quality of the food. There is value placed on the atmosphere, overall experience and  service, but food quality makes it or breaks it in ratings.

Here is what the star rating system means:

  • Five Stars:  The best Fort Collins has to offer!  Not every Five Star rating is high class and top dollar, but each restaurant is the best of the best in what they do.  They are my absolute favorite restaurants and I highly recommend them!
  • Four Stars:  Excellent, memorable and I’m definitely a fan. These are also highly recommended!
  • Three Stars:  It’s good, it’s OK, it’s pretty standard and average.  Nothing superior, but nothing horrible.  Middle of the road.
  • Two Stars:  I’ve had better.  It’s not worth rushing back to, but it might have some redeeming qualities.
  • One Star:  Below-average and I’d rather not return!  I would never recommend them either!