Feasting Fort Collins
Wild Thing Colorado Whiskey

Media Tasting – Feisty Spirits Wild Thing Colorado Whiskey

By On March 4, 2017

Recently I stopped into Feisty Spirits Distillery on a night when the tasting room was closed – dark and empty with only a few lights to illuminate the way. It was just… Read More

2016 Scoop Rebranding

Experience Fort Collins

By On February 26, 2017

Ok, Feasting Fort Collins readers. Grab a glass of wine, your favorite local craft beer or cocktail and pull up a chair for a little keepin’ it real chit chat. Maybe we… Read More


Sponsored Post: Love Your Local Businesses!

By On February 10, 2017

It’s that time to show how much we love Feasting Fort Collins sponsors! Each month I give a shoutout to our sponsors because without them, I wouldn’t be able to write Feasting… Read More

Banh Mi
five stars

Pho Little Saigon Noodle House

By On February 3, 2017

“Let’s go for a review and we’ll have a business meeting,” Bill said. He may be my husband for 18 years, but he’s also a great business consultant, especially when I feel… Read More

Head cheese
Locality Kitchen and Bar

Media Tasting – Locality Whole Hog Dinners

By On January 24, 2017

Media tastings are not reviews, but they are a great way for me to learn more about full menu offerings, dish updates, and special events from our local restaurants. Media tasting invitations… Read More

Dry Town and Nooku

Review: Dry Town and Nooku spirits, by Old Elk Distillery

By On January 17, 2017

The outdoors and cocktailing – they go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Colorado and beards. I’ve been working on this as an outdoor adventure drinking guide for Fresh… Read More


Pulling up a chair at the community table again

By On January 4, 2017

Well, hello again Feasting Fort Collins readers. It has been four months since you’ve read from me, and that four months feels like a year already. Time flies when you’re not eating… Read More

five stars

Review: Restaurant 415

By On December 29, 2016

When I first started writing this column my mother begged me not to specifically mention my dates. “Just refer to everyone as your ‘dining companion’,” she suggested with a certain tone. She… Read More

April Fool's

Eat of the Week: Super Target

By On December 14, 2016

Since my recent stay at the PVH Resort & Spa, it’s come to my attention that this site and it’s social media accounts are providing information for more than just it’s readers.… Read More

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

Media Tasting: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

By On December 12, 2016

Here’s the thing: I cannot be bought. I know this because I’ve been offered millions of dollars from several different Nigerian Princes in exchange for the smallest of items (my bank account… Read More

Fast Casual

Review: The Melt

By On November 28, 2016

A few weeks ago my new man and I went to The Melt. We went for the same reasons you may end up going: the line at Torchy’s is still too damn… Read More


Monthly Sponsor Message!

By On November 28, 2016

As we round the corner of this month and are that much closer to getting through the train wreck that was 2016, please allow me to show my gratitude to some fabulous… Read More

Bar Louie

Review: Happy Hour at Bar Louie

By On November 16, 2016

I get asked all the time now what my favorite restaurant in town is. Where the best thing I’ve eaten since taking this gig can be found. My answer, for this and… Read More

Dungeons & Drafts

Review: Dungeons & Drafts

By On November 3, 2016

I have extremely low expectations. Not in a sad way, it’s just that I would prefer to be pleasantly surprised over massively disappointed. Surely this stems back to my abandonment issues or… Read More

Butter Cream Cupcakery

Happy National Vegan Day!

By On November 1, 2016

It’s National Vegan Day, my friends! You didn’t think I would forget, did you? I may not normally eat vegan, but mad respect to those of you who do. I know it’s… Read More

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

Eat of the Week: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

By On October 28, 2016

With my third favorite drinking holiday coming up, I feel like there is the chance that some of you will be….oh, how can I put this delicately….tying one on this weekend. Finding… Read More