Feasting Fort Collins


From the beginning, Feasting Fort Collins has been following the Food Blog Code of Ethics as closely as possible and consults the Association of Food Journalists Food Critics’ Guidelines.

What does this mean exactly? Feasting Fort Collins is committed to blogging with integrity, practicing full disclosure, attribution and upholding journalistic standards. Reviews are thorough, fair and civil. The intention is to never purposefully harm a business from a bad review, but I will write honestly, believing in freedom of speech. There is much thought, consideration and second chances before a bad review is published.

While it’s not always possible to visit a restaurant more than once, I will note if it is a first-time visit.

Feasting Fort Collins will always disclose personal relationships, reveal bias, note gifts, samples, comps and discounts if any are given because of the blog.

Feasting Fort Collins reviews are done discretely, to form the purest opinion of my dining experience that should reflect the experience of the average customer. I will note if I am ever recognized or had to disclose my identity during a review.