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Vincent Heavenly Pies & Pasta

No matter what a person’s tastes may be – conversations about food will always bring people together. You can debate politics and religion and find that your opinion of the person on the other end of the conversation changes for the worse.  But you disagree about food and you still remain friendly. I don’t think you can find that to be true with any other conversation topic.

That’s one reason why Feasting Fort Collins has such a lively readership. Everyone relates to food (some more than others), and everyone loves to talk about it at length. Food is what is binding us all together, and if we should happen to sit down and break bread, we’d have something to relate to.

This was exactly my experience at Vincent’s. I met with two readers whom I’d never met before, on two separate occasions. While eating thick-crusted pizza and tasty pasta, we had great conversations about food in Fort Collins.

Vincent’s Heavenly Pies & Pasta is a very small, upscale bistro in the nearly half-empty commercial center on Drake and Shields. That north-east corner is where the Drake Farmer’s Markets are on the weekend. Vincent’s sits behind Starbucks, and next to Pho-Duy. Owner Brian Tessari opened up Vincent’s in May of 2007, and has been able to hold strong during the bumps and bruises the restaurant industry takes during a rough economy. He also owns the sibling restaurant to Vincent’s – Dominic’s on Lemay and Harmony.

On my first visit, I met up with Stephanie – a wine educator, consultant, and owner of Winacea. Apropos to the company, I started with a Malbec wine flight – Alamos, Neito, and Alamos Seleccion. Sadly, our server that afternoon was unfamiliar with the flights, or how to pour them. However, the wine was fine – deep rustic earthy flavors with bright berry finishes. I thought the price for the flight was very reasonable, too.

For our entrees, we decided to try their pizzas. I’d heard so many great things about their pizza from other readers, and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in one to see for myself.

I ordered the Smoked Duck pizza – garlic, olive oil, shaved smoked duck over a chèvre and mozzarella blend, and finished with arugula and red onions.

The crust was thick, doughy, soft and delicious. I’m a fan of dough, a lot more than thin New York-style pizza crust – and I absolutely loved the smoked duck pizza at Vincent’s. It was creative, and most importantly, the quality was fantastic. However, it wasn’t cheap. You pay a hefty price for a small pizza. It’s not a pizza I’d eat regularly, but definitely for a splurge.

Stephanie also ordered a pizza. She chose The Gyro – olive oil, garlic and special seasoning sauce,loaded with gyro meat, red onions and feta cheese, finished with fresh diced tomatoes, romaine and tzatziki sauce.

I wasn’t as big of a fan of The Gyro as I was the Smoked Duck. It was covered in romaine lettuce, so much that it was like a salad on top of a pizza. There must be balance in all things, and this was not. Beside the incredible amount of greens, the flavors were just alright. It was decent, but not anything I wished to eat again.

On a different visit, I met up with a reader, Renee, and her son to be interviewed for an assignment at FRCC. I ordered the Bruchetta appetizer while we chatted about food and the history of Feasting Fort Collins for her assignment.

There was a large spread of rotund slices of mozzarella, delicate shavings of basil, thin wisps of tomato, and crispy slabs of baguette. This was  delightful and delicious. I really enjoyed the mozzarella, as it had a lovely freshness to it.

For my entree, I ordered the Seafood Pasta – seared shrimp and scallops tossed in penne pasta with Parmesan cream sauce and basil.

This was nice – light and creamy, and the scallops were cooked to perfection. It was a bit light on flavor, too. Nothing amazing, but more along the lines of soft comfort food. Delicate, and yet, not completely satisfying. Maybe some more shrimp would have been the remedy.

All in all, I enjoyed my meals at Vincent’s. The atmosphere is intimate and classy – a great place for a date or anytime you need to be engaged in conversation, and the food was mostly above the mediocre standard in Fort Collins. While readers may or may not agree with my opinions about local restaurants, we still have fun conversation about it all, and still remain friendly. We will always have something to relate to when we talk about food.


Vincent Heavenly Pies & Pasta
902 West Drake Road
(970) 472-0201

Kid-Friendly? They have a limited kids menu, but I think it’s more of an adult atmosphere.

Parking: Lot parking

Healthy Options? A few salads and that’s about it.

Budget-Friendly? Not even. $15-$22 per entree.

Recent Health Inspection: Average



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