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Media Tasting

Media Tasting – Potbelly Sandwich Shop

By On June 12, 2017

Media tastings are not reviews, but they are a great way for me to learn more about full menu offerings, dish updates, and special events from our local restaurants to share with… Read More

Strawberry Lemonade Donut
Sandwiches, Subs and Bagels

Tom + Chee

By On April 18, 2016

Every Friday night we watch some fairly entertaining show while we eat our steak dinner. In years past, it used to be Shark Tank. With one of us in business development, sales… Read More

Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs

By On August 28, 2012

Fast-Casual Chain As if we need more in town Franchise subs taste “meh” On Timberline Road You’ll find the average sub shop Nothing special here 1956 In Point Pleasant, New Jersey Vacationers… Read More

Fat Shack

Fat Shack

By On January 19, 2012

It’s about time I had another co-review here on Feasting Fort Collins, and after Fat Shack opened, Bronan and I both agreed that this would be the perfect place to dine together.… Read More

D' Deli

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – D’ Deli

By On September 15, 2011

I always thought that it would be beer that would bring me to Golden, Colorado. It’s not news to anyone that I’m a huge supporter of the craft beer industry. I find… Read More

Fast Casual

The Pita Pit

By On March 22, 2011

Prior to falling into the world of food blogging, my life was lived as a personal trainer. For years, I developed custom nutrition plans for my clients to help them achieve their… Read More

Cool Beans Playhouse and Cafe

Cool Beans Playhouse and Cafe

By On November 26, 2010

I really don’t like winter. We’re not much for outdoor sports, and the bitter cold gloominess brings me down. Not to mention, being stuck inside the house with two rambunctious boys drives… Read More

Backcountry Provisions

Backcountry Provisions

By On November 18, 2010

The babble of the Poudre River provides a tranquil white noise for the fly fisherman as he rhythmically casts his line out – back and forth, back and forth – while surrounded… Read More

B and B's Pickle Barrel

B & B’s Pickle Barrel

By On November 8, 2010

In a city where the restaurant scene changes faster than we change underwear, with a non-stop cycle of exciting openings and sad closures, it’s comforting for some residents to have the old… Read More

Avogadro's Number

Avogadro’s Number

By On August 19, 2010

There are a handful of places that are “uniquely Fort Collins”. I love those types of places. The ones where you just mention our city name and they immediately pop into your… Read More

Sandwiches, Subs and Bagels

Taste Of Philly

By On July 19, 2010

Henry Rollins Frequent Flyer Tour, the Aggie for a Date Night A verbal assault of intellect, old man rant and insight A need to quickly satiate, preparing to stand 3 hours Stopping… Read More

Gib's Bagels

Gib’s NY Bagels

By On July 1, 2010

There are a few ways to get your morning off to the right start – a hearty breakfast and a whole lot of funk doesn’t hurt. The Toddler and I went out… Read More


Obee’s Soup-Salad-Subs

By On August 12, 2009

This summer in Colorado has been quite wet and the weather very unpredictable. While this year the landscape resembles the green scenery of the Pacific Northwest (gorgeous!), it has also resulted in… Read More

five stars

Rocky Mountain Bagel Works

By On June 22, 2009

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so you better make it count. Why settle for a bowl of cereal or some eggs and toast when you can have… Read More

Cheba Hut

Cheba Hut

By On May 31, 2009

Nothing is more curious than the almost savage hostility that humor excites in those who lack it. ~George Saintsbury There are certain personality traits that I admire in people and having a… Read More