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Carne Asada
Guest Post

Guest Post – A San Diego ex-pat’s guide to Mexican food in the Northern Front Range

By On April 8, 2016

Trying to find “the best Mexican food” means something different to each person on the search. An individual could be looking for the most authentic, or something that reminds them of home.… Read More

Shredded Beef Enchilada

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – El Dorado Mexican Grill

By On March 26, 2016

It seems as though there are a great deal of people looking for “real Mexican food” in Fort Collins. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions from Feasting Fort Collins readers.… Read More

La Buena Vida Marg
four stars

La Buena Vida

By On July 18, 2015

With how fickle our restaurant scene can be, and how difficult it is to build a successful and profitable restaurant, it’s always nice to see a few places experience enough growth to… Read More

Blue Agave Grill

Blue Agave Grill

By On December 5, 2014

It’s difficult for creatives to be original nowadays. Writers, visual artists, musicians, chefs – we’re all following the footsteps of creatives that have influenced us and paved the way, in many cases,… Read More

four stars

La Luz Mexican Grill – Old Town

By On January 17, 2014

So how are you doing with those New Year’s Resolutions now that we’re three weeks into the year? Still going to the gym? Still trying to be a better person than you… Read More


Pueblo Viejo

By On November 2, 2012

Have you every played credit card roulette at a restaurant? No? That’s funny, because I haven’t either. But, The Husband has on many occasions. Apparently this is the most entertaining way to… Read More



By On October 13, 2012

  I’m in Groundhog Day hell when it comes to Mexican food here in Fort Collins. Every dining experience is the same thing, just a different day. Same atmosphere, same chips, same… Read More


Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – Comida

By On September 21, 2012

Whenever I have a discussion about the evolution of culinary culture in Fort Collins, the comparison to Boulder always comes up. “We’re never going to be able to sustain anything like Boulder.… Read More

El Burrito Restaurant

El Burrito Restaurant

By On June 20, 2012

Oddly enough, Fort Collins isn’t exactly known for incredible Mexican dining options. I say “oddly enough” because Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular dining options in our city, right up… Read More

food trucks and carts

Tacos On The Street

By On August 18, 2011

Good food doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple ingredients put together well can create a fresh dish that speaks for itself. It’s one of the many reasons I love food carts. There,… Read More

Inca Mexican Restaurant

Inca Mexican Restaurant

By On April 29, 2011

When giving advice to fellow bloggers, I always tell them “Write what you know.  Find your niche and excel.  You cannot be good at everything.”  I think this is part of what… Read More



By On April 28, 2011

As a Fort Collins restaurant critic, it’s never too difficult to find friends to join me on reviews.  My job is full of fun conversation and usually good food.  Sometimes there can… Read More

Lupita's Mexican Restaurant

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

By On April 27, 2011

When we lived in Vegas, we were surrounded by a plethora of Mexican food options – taco trucks, fast-casual chains, sloppy mom and pop shops, and gourmet cuisine.  Not only were we… Read More


Tortilla Marissa’s

By On April 26, 2011

What is amazing Mexican food to you?  Is it spicy freshness?  Is it soothing familiar comfort? Is it simple flavors combined to create a distinctive tastes?  Is it memories of family recipes? … Read More

3 Margaritas

3 Margaritas

By On April 25, 2011

I’ve lived in cities all over the western United States, and I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere else that has more Mexican restaurants than Fort Collins.  Here, Mexican food saturates the dining… Read More

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road

Señor Jalapeño

By On April 11, 2011

Guest Post by Lara Kelleher I think the quest for good Mexican food is universal, except perhaps, in Mexico.  I also think there is something so comforting about Mexican food and its… Read More