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Kristin Mastre

Avanti Food and Beverage

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – Avanti Food & Beverage

By On August 10, 2016

I’m always impressed with people who come up with innovative ideas and think outside the box. What has once worked in the past may not work for everyone in the future. Traditional… Read More

JULY 24 & AUGUST 4 Garden a Fare wine ad 2 5.5 x 5 print

Ticket Giveaway: Gardens on Spring Creek Garden a’Fare Wine Tour

By On August 1, 2016

As we inch closer to the end of summer, we also inch closer to the beginning of harvest season. We’re right smack dab in the middle of beautiful garden season – things… Read More


McClellan’s Brewing Company

By On July 28, 2016

Sometimes a hopeful new restaurant owner will email me asking what we need in our Fort Collins dining market. “We don’t need any more pizza, burgers, or beer,” is pretty much my… Read More


Sponsored Post: Matador Gift Certificate Giveaway!

By On June 30, 2016

Alrighty, Fort Collins food-lovin’ readers. We have a change of plans this week. Instead of a review (on McClellan’s) going up today, we’re switching gears and doing a gift certificate giveaway with… Read More

five stars

Origins Wine Bar and Wood Fired Pizza

By On June 17, 2016

Remember when there wasn’t much to eat in Loveland other than a handful of locally owned restaurants, most of which were mediocre bar food at best, and the rest of the town… Read More


The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

By On June 8, 2016

Yesterday I drove to Loveland to meet with a PR friend for lunch to catch up and talk about some of the new business things that are happening in the Scoop Blog… Read More

Chef Challenge For Children

Sponsored Post: Chef Challenge For Children

By On June 2, 2016

We often talk about the ever growing needs of people in our Fort Collins community. There’s talk about our local economy, about the housing crisis and gentrification, and about some of our… Read More

Work and class dinner
Denver, Colorado

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – Work & Class

By On June 2, 2016

It was a day of eating, drinking, and having fun in Denver, a re-do trip from our rescheduled New Year’s Eve plans. The kids were with the grandparents leaving us footloose and… Read More

Freight Delay

Jessup Farm Barrel House

By On May 20, 2016

Long time readers will often read me deeply sighing about another new brewery planning on opening in Fort Collins. There are three things we don’t really need more of in this town… Read More

Front Range Rally

Sponsored Post: Front Range Rally Ticket Giveaway

By On May 19, 2016

Why, what do we have here? Another ticket giveaway! Front Range Rally is coming up next weekend, and as a media sponsor for the event, I have two general admission tickets to… Read More

Brewers Jamboree
Brewers Jamboree

Sponsored Post: Brewers Jamboree Ticket Giveaway!

By On May 11, 2016

You all know about Brewers Jamboree, right? No? If not, then you missed this post. Go check it out. The “in a nutshell” version – it’s an awesome craft beer festival featuring… Read More

Buffalo Burger and beer

Feasting Fort Collins On The Road – The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

By On May 6, 2016

After year of suffering though mediocre to subpar food, and apathetic, unwelcoming service in Estes Park, I have finally found my restaurant home there. This is the first 5-star review I’ve written… Read More


Sponsored Post: Businesses Supporting Each Other

By On May 4, 2016

Each month I give a shoutout to our sponsors because without them, I wouldn’t be able to write Feasting Fort Collins. It truly takes our advertisers to keep things running smooth over… Read More

Cajun Creole

The Lost Cajun

By On April 29, 2016

The Colorado population continually grows with transplants. At one point in time you’d see Native bumper stickers on cars driving all around Fort Collins. Now there are people moving in from states… Read More

Joseph Phelps Wine Dinner
Chimney Park

Media Tasting – Chimney Park’s Joseph Phelps Wine Dinner

By On April 25, 2016

Media tastings are not reviews, but they are a great way for me to learn more about full menu offerings, dish updates, and special events from our local restaurants. Media tasting invitations… Read More

Brewer Jamboree
Brewers Jamboree

Sponsored Post – Brewers Jamboree

By On April 21, 2016

Fort Collins is the land of craft beer. We love to drink it, we love to brew it, we love to celebrate it. Boy, do we love to celebrate it, and that’s… Read More