Feasting Fort Collins 5th Anniversary Food Truck Festival!

Well, here we are – nearly five years after launching Feasting Fort Collins. When I started this, I just thought it would be another random blog that nobody would read, because I was simply using it as a side project. It was just something fun that aligned with a few of my passions.

But, it was a perfect storm. I saw a gap when it came to Fort Collins bloggers, and a gap when it came to Fort Collins restaurant reviews. Apparently there was a dire need for this blog, because five years later, it’s my livelihood, my full time job, and has grown into a media company building up 12 other bloggers within my network.

I start planning a dinner event with readers each year that a blog anniversary approaches. We’ve dined together at El Monte, Canyon Chop House, Fish Restaurant, and Jax Fish House. Each time the chefs have created a special three-course dinner for $25 that has always been incredibly delicious. Each reader who has attended walked away with schwag bags filled with gift cards from sponsors and at times – full bottles of wine – each. I’m always reminded at these events that the reason why Feasting Fort Collins continues to grow within the Fort Collins community is just that – community. Without everyone reading and eating along with me, this blog would be just as it began – a random blog.

With the 5th anniversary I thought we needed to do something extra special. 5th business anniversaries are kind of a big deal, 5th anniversaries for publications are even a bigger deal, and 5th blog anniversaries are almost a rarity. So we needed to do something big. As I usually do, I put it out to my friends on my personal facebook page and long-time reader, Pat Farrington came up with the idea of a food truck festival.


After that, Pateros Creek offered to host the location and then offered to create a 5th anniversary IPA just for Feasting Fort Collins – which was aptly named “Who Gives A Truck? IPA” by Facebook reader – Laura Leinen.  And rallying the food trucks was a piece of cake. All of the pieces came together because of the Feasting Fort Collins community and soon we had a killer food truck festival ready to go!

Now, it’s time to add all of you into the mix! This is your official invitation to the Feasting Fort Collins 5th Anniversary Food Truck Festival!

Food Truck Fest_brownpaper


Please join us at Pateros Creek Brewery on Friday, May 2nd at 6:00pm. Common Link, Umami, The Goodness, Jax’s Old Town Pearl, Matador, and Butter Cream Cupcakery will be there with the food. Pateros will have the beer flowing for everyone, as well as a their standard Friday Night comedy night for entertainment for everyone. Matador is supplying a bounce house for the kids – because this year is a kid-friendly dinner celebration! I’ll also be working with our sponsors to come up with some awesome prizes that readers can win.

$20 will cover your dinner from whatever food truck you’d like, a beer, and a cupcake. $10 covers the kids with a smaller meal and a water or soda and a cupcake. And then proceeds from each ticket will go to the Food Bank for Larimer County. You’ll need to purchase tickets because this is a private and exclusive event!

We’re going to have a lot of fun and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you. Get your tickets here! And get them before we sell out!



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