Eat Of The Week


Honestly, I could do without Christmas. I’ve found myself becoming more and more of a Scrooge as the years go by. The commercialism gets tiring and so many things just seem so wasteful – from the trees to the gift wrapping to the presents that get broken mere weeks after opening. I think I’ve been labeled as the Grinch this year. I’m not really denying it either…

What’s strange is that years ago Christmas used to be one of my favorite holidays. It felt magical and sweet, filled with heartwarming nostalgia. I don’t know where that feeling went. I think it may have been smothered by reality.

Despite feeling drab during one of the most cheerful holidays of all, there’s one certain item that stops my heart from shrinking two sizes too small. I eagerly anticipate the release of egg nog. And not just any egg nog, but Morning Fresh Dairy’s egg nog.

The only place you can get it in stores is at Whole Foods (as far as I know), and it rivals all other egg nog sitting on shelves across grocery stores in Fort Collins. Other nogs are watery with very little spice, whereas this one is thick, rich, and peppered with nutmeg. It’s my Christmas tradition to pour a glass while trimming the tree, only one of three traditions that I truly enjoy (the other two are baking my special holiday cookies and the family looking at lights on Christmas Eve).

So while I’ve just outed myself as Christmas Ice Queen, I’m glad that Morning Fresh Dairy’s Egg Nog makes todays, “Eat Of The Week.”


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  • GD

    There is a new grocery store in Loveland, Crunchy Grocer, that is carrying Morningfresh Eggnog.