And then this happened…

Last night I received an email from a restaurant and bar owner in town titled, Thought You Should Read This

“Not sure who it’s from, as they deliberately put no return address. Mailed from Denver. Anyway, probably some chickenshit you gave a bad review or a competitor.”

Attached was a scanned copy of this letter.

blogger letter

blogger letter2

“WOW. Thank you so much for sending this over to me and giving me the heads up. This is unbelievable. I appreciate the courtesy,” I replied.

They replied back. “No kidding.  Came in today’s mail.  Totally f*cked.  Sorry, my French is a little rough these days. Be well.”

This came from somebody that I have no relationship with, but they saw the importance of letting me know ASAP. Because this was mailed out to an unknown number of restaurants in town, and done so anonymously (and I’m sure we can put two and two together as to what inspired this chain of events), I’d like to clear up the errors from this smear campaign.

1. Does Feasting Fort Collins take bribes?
No. I never have and I never will.

2. Are the reviews you read on Feasting Fort Collins legit?
Yes. I visit each restaurant and pay for every meal with my own money. I’m never comped and never use gift cards. Over the course of four years, I’ve been joined by many people on reviews – from friends to readers I’ve never previously met – and they’ve been able to witness the process first hand for themselves.

3. Owners are offered mafia-like ‘help’ with a bad review.
No, they aren’t. In fact, if a restaurateur asks for an updated review or second chance, the request is deferred saying that every restaurant reviewed will have a chance for a follow up review in the future, but that time is unknown.

4. Good luck finding anyone on the network payroll
You can find the list of bloggers in my network on every blog in the network. We each have a Scoop Blogger page on our top menus. And listed them all in my weekly newsletter. It’s not a secret. You can also read about their qualifications in their bios.

5. Or why they write a good or bad review
They write their opinions and stories of shared experiences for Fort Collins residents to read and discover on their own.

6. Is Feasting Fort Collins deleting posts from their Facebook page?
No, I’m not. I never have and I never will (unless it’s spam).

7. Does Feasting Fort Collins favor friends or those that giver her money?
No, each review is fairly balanced with pros and cons. I’ve given friends in the industry average and balanced reviews. Advertisers are not given a review after they join as sponsors – ever.

8. Did you know that the owner of Feasting Fort Collins owns a marketing company named Four Course Marketing?
Yes, and that has never been a secret. There’s the Four Course Marketing page at the top of the blog that lists our clients – both past and present. It also links to the full disclosure post when we first launched last year. We do not accept clients who haven’t first had a fair review published, just like the advertising standards.


I hope that clears up anything addressed in this anonymous letter. Feel free to ask me anything about it – I have always answered questions and I always will. I have always been an open book with nothing to hide and I put my name by everything I put in print.

It’s a shame our anonymous mailer didn’t have the balls to that, too.


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  • Amy O

    Wow. That is just criminal. I hope that if they ever find who it is that is doing this, that you go after them for slander. Our family will continue to rely on your reviews and information. Sad that this kind of nonsense has come to our little town.

    Keep up the good work!

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks! I’m going to see what kind of case I have for defamation and slander.

      • Amy O (not THAT Amy!)

        Do! Husband and I have been reading your posts since you first started. While I often disagreed with your earlier posts, husband often sided with you. We’ve been steadfast readers and would hate for you to suffer any ill effects from this poor behavior. Hopefully the restaurant community is savvy enough to realize that this is the last act of a desperate coward.

        Also, you are the Roger Ebert of food reviews in FoCo. Thanks for all of your hard and HONEST work.

        • KristinMastre

          I love that your profile name says “not THAT Amy!” HAHA!!!

  • Nick Armstrong

    Pathetic! Someone should be very ashamed of themselves.

    I know we talked a lot about this when we founded Four Course Marketing – ethics never left the picture.

    We struggled a lot with how to preserve the integrity of Feasting Fort Collins as well as Four Course Marketing, while providing a service for a market that you know intimately (and can indeed help, ethically – not with a “mob-like” mentality – whatever that means).

    You openly disclose your clients on a disclosure page. We created a whole list of things you wouldn’t do for Four Course Marketing clients through your connections in Feasting Fort Collins. It was complicated, yes – but also drew very clean-cut lines.

    I may not be a partner at Four Course Marketing anymore, but never once in the entire span of our friendship have I ever questioned your integrity or ethics. In my mind, they’re beyond reproach.

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, Nick. It is one of the most pathetic attempts at trolling I’ve ever seen.

  • Piper Larsen


    I am guessing this person is the type of establishment owner who ends up on shows like “Bar Rescue” or “Restaurant Impossible” because they blame everyone else for their problems but their own ineptitude in running a food and drink business (not that I want to admit watching such shows, but they are a good excuse to make some sriracha popcorn). Your reviews have been spot on so far since I started reading.

    BTW, someone WILL recognize their style of writing and/or it WILL get leaked who wrote this. This is a very distinct style and I am guessing this person writes like this often. I suspect a male over a female. Probably over 50.

    • Matt F

      Nobody under 50 knows how to address a letter anymore or which side the stamp goes on.

      • KristinMastre

        HA! Or have the money to waste on a print campaign…

    • KristinMastre

      It will get leaked. It’s a small town. People slip up and word gets around. Also? Sriacha popcorn. Sounds like I’m making that for our next movie night!

      • Piper Larsen

        Not just Sriracha Popcorn. Sriracha Caramel Popcorn.

        • apurple2345

          Please post a recipe!

    • Dr. Anonymous

      You are correct about the distinctive style. I have monitored certain fringe groups since the pre-internet days, and this letter is identical in style to some smear campaigns of the 1980s and early 90s. The writer carefully avoids direct slanderous statements, indicating he has likely had to defend himself in the past from the legal ramifications of his actions. I would be looking for a white male business owner over 50-yrs old, who is actively affiliated with right wing groups particularly at the local level. He probably holds an official position in such groups and possibly community government as well, as he seeks to avoid any identification whatsoever that could impune his social standing. I would recommend looking at recently written bad reviews, from the past 6-8 months, and then looking closely at the owners. This is someone who seeks positions of power and influence over other people, believes he is above criticism for any reason, is likely antagonistic towards those he considers “weaker” and less powerful like women/minorities/employees, and actively promotes organizations that espouse his own social and political views.

  • Paul Hummer

    I live by the adage “Don’t explain yourself. Your friends already understand, and the rest don’t matter.” I know you. I know how stubborn you are about even receiving free food. I look at that and smile at the trolls. Anyone who would believe it wouldn’t be a constructive reader or advertising potential for you, so they don’t matter. :)

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, Paul. I’m glad my stubbornness is evident. Bill is going to love that one ;)

      • Mary Merritt

        Kristin, this whole thing makes me laugh so hard. You are one of the most honest folks in town. You live by a strict code and you are highly respected. Hahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing so hard at this entire situation!!!!!

        • KristinMastre

          Thanks, Mary. Ridiculous, but it makes Amy look a million times worse than this insane campaign.

  • S Kat Pullen

    Seems like it was written by someone pretty concerned about slander. They specifically used leading questions instead of statements, juxtaposed with facts to appear legitimate.

    It’s a sleazier tactic than what they allege you folks do.

    Unfortunate that they couldn’t just say, “Hey, I’m XYZ, and here are the facts of what happened to me”. If they feel they were treated unfairly, then give us the facts, not accusation.

    But instead, (to use their own words) they hiding behind anonymous “Secret Shills” mail, in an attempt to promote their own brand of “Cowardly Censorship”. Sounds like “Unethical Behavior” to me.

    • KristinMastre

      Sleazy, indeed! And I’m going to do everything I can to see if I have a defamation claim.

      • Deborah B

        Don’t waste your time, Kristin. I think you have to prove you were directly harmed when in fact the only harm done was to herself, her husband, their blog,and the restaurant, while actually benefitting you with increased blog traffic and sponsorship. Take that poetic justice with a well-deserved gloating smirk in her/their direction and move on.

        BTW, I normally find engaging this sort of person to be unprofessional, but what she did was way beyond the pale and needed to be decisively – and publicly – dealt with.

  • bethbot

    A very gracious response to someone who is clearly threatened by your success or the truth about their own establishment (or a combo of both). What a cowardly act. It gives me great pleasure to think about their disappointment when they realize the entire Fort Collins community, eaters and restaurant owners, are behind you as solidly as ever.

    • KristinMastre

      The amount of support is amazing and so appreciated. What was meant to tear me down has certainly built me up.

  • Bronan The Barbarian

    I’ve written two reviews for FFC: (the worst) (tastes ok but will kill you)

    I’ve been along for the ride on a few other reviews. Everything was 100% legit in all cases.

    Gotta give some props to the labor- and cost-intensive trolling though. Snail mail? Who even does that? We have this thing called “the internet” now.

    • KristinMastre

      The part that’s both shocking and hilarious. I want to know how much they paid for the supplies, and if they bulk mailed them, or carefully slipped each one in the drive-thru mailbox.

  • Chrysta Bairre

    “It’s also known Feasting Fort Collins has a ‘network’ of unqualified bloggers”

    I wonder what makes someone a “qualified” blogger. I guess my 3 years personal blogging experience, attendance to out-of-state social media and blogging conferences, and recognition by The Chicago Tribune and the International Association of Administrative Professionals as an established blogger don’t make me a “qualified” blogger. Huh! Learn something new every day!


    • Lindsay Ogden

      Chrysta, maybe the attacker knows of an associates degree in blogging you should have obtained. I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read ‘unqualified bloggers’.

    • Anna Murphy

      Exactly. Anonymous should have been more careful about his blatant ignorance.

  • Matt Fischer

    How exactly does one become a “qualified” blogger?

    • Anna Murphy

      That was what stood out for me, Matt. Haven’t you heard of the new Blogger PhD program? Absurd.

      • KristinMastre

        I have my Masters in blogology. I thought everyone knew that CSU offered that course? ;)

  • Matt Fischer

    Kristin, I hope you know this means I’m going to call you “Gal” from now on.

    • KristinMastre

      I’m going to hold you to it.

  • Lindsay Ogden

    Wow, what a pile of lies. The community knows what high quality reviews and work you provide, FFC. I’m sure all consumer-reporters get this kind of libelous attacks. I wish I knew who wrote it, so I could avoid their restaurant.

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, Lindsey. I may print and frame this one for my office as a reminder to keep on keepin’ on.

      • Vania

        You can bring it to my husband at Lloyd’s Art Center! Haha! Yay for locally owned businesses, GOOD food and honesty.

  • Creative Katrina

    Every word of this post is perfect. I have worked with you on Four Course, dined with you and talked with you about some very important decisions where you had to draw a hard line — especially when it came to ANYTHING that may bring your integrity into question. And you ALWAYS chose integrity. I choose to see this campaign as a very clear response to the fact you are on the right track, doing things that support and inform your community in a way that is both unique and highly valued. And +1 to Paul’s response; no need to repeat something he already said with flair ; )

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, lovely!

  • Matt Fischer

    Kristin, I’ll ask my mailman today if I see him, but I don’t think that this was necessarily mailed from Denver. It was instead probably only cancelled in Denver. Although inefficient in this particular case, I think that the mail here might all get trucked to Denver for sorting and then this letter driven back up here with a batch of inbound mail.
    PS – I really wish Disqus would let me sign in :(

    • KristinMastre

      That would be great if you could ask! I never see mine sine our box is on the other side of the neighborhood.

      And crappy about Disqus. They’ve been glitchy recently.

    • Sarah Ellsworth

      You are absolutely correct. All FoCo mail goes to Denver for processing.

  • Audrey

    I’m glad someone else called you out honestly. I agree with the letter 100% and couldn’t have written it better myself. Wish I had, but glad there are others outside of your little network of 20 or so followers.

    • KristinMastre

      And where’s your proof? Get someone to stand up and back it up – put a name to the claim. Otherwise, you’re just part of the anonymous hater parade.

    • KristinMastre

      Hey Amy, if you’re going to “call me out” on ethics – you may want to ensure that yours are in the right place too.

      The fact that you have a positive review on Bar Comber with Tyler as the GM and an ad on the sidebar isn’t really helping your case.

      • Deborah B

        Thanks for clearing that up, Kristin! Though I wouldn’t really call it a positive review since it gave only the briefest overview of the menu with absolutely no critical assessment. Perhaps RO/Audrey/(Amy?) should have sponsored FFC instead so you wouldn’t have been able to update their review. Shoulda woulda coulda!

        While I’m here, I’m curious about something else though: Has your review schedule changed? I’m only seeing five reviews since the first of the year! Eating out being my number one pastime, I really enjoy your reviews and you’re not feeding me often enough, dang it! ;P

        • KristinMastre

          I’m still reviewing every week. You can find them all from scrolling through the front page and through the archives. I did drop them from 2 full reviews a week down to 1 – because I can only eat so much.

      • Amy Towry

        Hey Kristin I would love to call you out all day long and I don’t hide the fact I disagree with your reviews. Bar Comber is something we started long ago for fun – not profit. We don’t make anything from it and the Rustic Oven review was done long before Tyler was employed there. We actually enjoy promoting local businesses rather than tearing them down. I will help the campaign suggested in that letter above because I would like to see your job be at risk . Until then keep knocking down what others work hard to create.

        • Christi Seidman

          This makes no sense. You say you enjoy promoting local business, and in the next sentence express how much you’d like Kristin to be out of a job. You do realize that she is also a local business owner? And, one who employs 15 local people? You say you support local business, but your actions do not back up your words.

        • jspeciner

          Amy… Why hide behind the pseudonym here, talking sh*t, if you don’t hide the fact that you disagree with Kristin’s reviews?

        • Lauren Hoff

          Wow. Everything you just said was not only hypocritical like Christi pointed out, but one of the most spiteful and childish things I have ever heard. “I would like to see your job at risk”? Really? You have to be a very vindictive and sad person to threaten that on anyone, even your worst enemy. Her job has no effect on anything in your life, so I am extremely confused as to why you have put so much time and energy into acting so spiteful

          • jspeciner

            Her husband is the GM of a restaurant that got an average (reads: not bad) review, she starts posting comments that are pretty nasty using a pseudonym, and gets exposed and called out. That’s plenty of reason to want to see someone lose their job… Come on, logic!

            • Lauren Hoff

              But it seems now the only person who may lose their job is her husband. Think before you go crazy

        • Deborah B

          Are you bloody kidding me with this? You don’t hide the fact? You were using a pseudonym to HIDE who you are, you deleted an online profile bearing your name in an attempt to continue to HIDE, and now that you’ve run as far as you could and been FOUND anyway, you’re using “we don’t make anything from it” to excuse your own blatant conflict of interest/lack of ethics. OMG, the hypocrisy makes my brain hurt! And all of this from a 42-year-old woman? That’s just plain sad.

          Ah, well – it’s been a nice distraction from this soul-sucking weather we’re having.

        • Thomas Jerome

          Okay, I’ll won’t argue the fact that you reviewed Rustic Oven a long time ago as it’s been on Yelp since 6/12 but why on earth post it on your blog now without mentioning that fact. That seems like MAJOR misrepresentation (Ironic given the fact that Kristin was falsely accused by your husband’s employee of misrepresenting the dates/times she ate there).

          Moreover, there are NO disclaimers on your site that you now have a familial connection to Rustic Oven. To make matters worse, you are now advertising their webpage. You have destroyed your credibility and impartiality.

          Lastly, shame on you. You’re a troll. You don’t have to read these reviews! You’re more than welcome to have a differing opinion, but to go onto another person’s website and criticize their hard work is tantamount to a personal attack. It is no different than going into your neighbor’s house and criticizing the way the decorate. It is THEIR property, it is THEIR home, it is HER blog.

          I imagine right now and in the ensuing days you’re going to have quite a bit more empathy for Kristin (even if you don’t realize it) as your husband’s restaurant will suffer from this negative blowback. It doesn’t feel good when people attack something you care about. Perhaps you should think of that before you ever post something so spiteful again.

          Oh, and I’ll never step foot in Rustic Oven because of this.

        • Jared

          You need to up your trolling game if you want to make it on the internet. You post as Audrey (might I suggest a name with a different first letter at least?), then you take the bait and reply with your real name, not even addressing the fact that you tried to hide your identity.

          “I don’t hide the fact I disagree with your reviews”

          Pretty sure you need to look up the word “hide” it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        • Wendy W. Heath

          Bar Comber is poorly written. I don’t care if it’s recreational or for profit or for any other purpose- I’d have red ink all over that as a first draft if I were editing it for someone.

          You have to understand that the restaurant business is fraught with strange, intertwined connections; even the most objective of critics has a hard time keeping everything straight. I have never read a review that was designed to tear a business down here on Feasting Fort Collins. Most posts have been (nearly) objective dissection of atmosphere, experience, food characteristics/quality, and so forth.

          While I may occasionally disagree with Kristen’s assessment of an eating establishment, I don’t view her negative reviews to be a personal attack on the establishment in question. If I disagree with her, I continue to eat there and recommend the place to my friends. Short and sweet.

          You want to talk corruption? Yelp is the target you should be looking at…

    • Paul Hummer
      • jspeciner

        dat gif…

    • Alberto Alfonso

      If your blog is any indication, you’re at least right that you couldn’t have written it better.

      • KristinMastre

        It could have been better, for sure. It was a boring review.

      • Kim

        Seriously funny – and so right on!

    • Amy O (not THAT Amy!)

      It’s not hard to agree with something that you wrote, even if it was with another name…

    • KristinMastre

      After seeing that Audrey/Amy has deleted accounts to try to erase her trail, I’m just going to put this here…

  • Charles Cranston

    I think. I hope, that people would see right through this. It says more about the person writing the letter than it says anything about you, Four Course, or the consortium of very qualified bloggers. If your doing something good, someone will always try to knock you down. Keep up the good work! KEEP CALM AND BLOG ON!

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, Charles. An effort of this extent does speak volumes of the person who wrote it. Nutty!!

  • Carol

    Wow. Someone doesn’t grasp the concept of word-of-mouth. If this person’s identity is ever revealed and he really does work for a restaurant – well, cancel that, I was going to say I felt sorry for his employer…. What a doofus.

    • KristinMastre

      And it didn’t take long for people to put the pieces together and the criminal to return to the scene of the crime!

  • Christi Seidman

    As the majority of your readers and colleagues know, these claims are absurd. On the bright side, look at all of the words of support you’re receiving today. Also, is our server holding up well today? I can’t help but wonder how traffic is doing for the network as a whole. I know I’m having a high traffic day and gaining new followers on Facebook. Could be the snow, could be that I published today, or it could be that our community is reading this letter, checking out the other blogs, and sticking around to show their support. If so, I love it that this letter writer’s intentions back fired!

    A Highly Qualified Blogger :-)

    • KristinMastre

      The intentions totally backfired. GOOD!

  • Chrysta Bairre

    I’m confused…. if the Rustic Oven review on Bar Comber was posted before Tyler Towry was working at RO then why does it appear the review was published in September 2012 vs. a Tyler Towry making posts about specials on the RO FB page in July 2012. Can anyone provide insight/clarification?

    • Chrysta Bairre

      Maybe I figured this out… the “09” in the slug is the sequential number of the post, not the month? Still unsure why this review is showing up at the top of the list if it was published so long ago, though. By republishing an old review and sending to the top of the page it certainly appears to be a much newer review, sitting right next to the RO ad space. hmmm…..

      • apurple2345

        Thomas Jerome said above that the review has been on Yelp since June 2012, which I guess was before Tyler worked there? Still shady, though.

        This has been my entertainment today! Popcorn gif:

      • Lauren Hoff

        They moved it too the top after Kristins review which sparked this whole nonsense

  • Suzanne Akin

    Seems like the way it was written (asking questions, without catching themselves actually making too many statements ), this person knew it was a pack of lies as they were writing them and was preemptively protecting themselves from a slander case. People are lame.

    • KristinMastre

      I’m still going to see what kind of case I have for this. I’m not letting it slip by me at all.

  • Candace Wails Carter

    Here is the thing. There has been several of your reviews that I have disagreed with. I have gone to places on your recommendation and was completely disappointed, never to return. When this happens I have thought, “Wow! We are two different people with different tastes and had a different experience”, I then move on with my life. There are has been several places that I tried because of you and loved it, Uncles for an example, and it is now one of my favorite places in town. When none of our opinions match up, I will stop following your recommendations, however I will not consider you an unethical or bad person. You are writing about your experiences and opinions, we are all allowed to have a different one. Keep on keepin’ on thanks for all that you do!

    • KristinMastre

      THIS. This is what food reviews are about. And hooray for readers who appreciate the discussion!

  • Claudia McGee

    Kristin..1st and have incredible support in this community..even from those businesses you have not given a ‘rave’ review to..they’ve taken the constructive criticism to hear and either changed or shined on. To suffice, this has not NOT harmed you, personally (FFC) and Four Course Mktg in any manner..I believe, instead of trying to hire lawyers and such, privately…that you should continue the blogging – WITHOUT pointing fingers – (guilty until proven innocent?) – ‘rise above the fray’..RISE ABOVE THE FRAY. You are far better than this nonsense….and this may seem silly..but I didn’t think the review was horrid..I liked the one and only time I was there (at the accused RO)..service was ‘challenged’..but I loved the Bruschetta – we ate other food..which I cannot even remember – and THAT says volumes… Seriously. I’ve not returned..and that says something.BUT it also does not say – I live in Old Town — I like walking to my eateries. Period. (anywhere else is gonna get a pass – typically – from me)
    I firmly believe that you, Kristin, are a very VERY qualified person to write these critiques..and believe you invite average (possibly professionally UN-qualified, but actual, factual, realistic humans) *one of them* to join you and value–listen to earnestly, with accepting ears – to the places you visit.

    BTW – to the asshat that stated her bloggers are ‘un-qualified’ – EFF you!
    Those are people that are IN our community, and are involved in their respective blogs. I don’t get bad-ass or whatever often….but let me just say…I will back Kristin and her peeps all day, every day. My specific statement to those that wrote this?
    Dialogue…things like that..makes sense..this bullsh*t makes everyone look like we just emerged fro the primordial swamp.
    Anyone can write whatever they want.from the protection of their computer – I call you NOW – show yourselves…or you are truly an idiot. A coward. And should be ignored…you mean NOTHING. Giving them this mus..sickens me..I think people that attack from a place of safety are truly POS and we should be chatting about weather, instead. Much love to Kristin, the bloggers and 4SQ – see ya soon..this is but a distant memory, and one we can truly not remember.

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks, Claudia. You’re right – the review wasn’t horrid. It was average food and a boring review (the biggest challenge of food writing is making an average experience exciting).

      As for everything else – Yes :)

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  • loopsyel

    Oooh, the drama! This thing’s destined for backfire.

    I love the load of questions supplied without substance. Classic.

    Does Feasting Fort Collins have a secret underground dungeon filled with children of local restaurant owners, the hefty price of a good review? That would be grossly unethical behavior.

    • KristinMastre

      HA! I feel a meme series coming on!

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  • apurple2345

    Bar Comber’s RO review wasn’t removed; it’s still there. But it no longer appears at the top of the main page like it did yesterday (in spite of its age).

    • KristinMastre

      There have been quite a few changes as she’s tried to cover up tracks, and she deleted her personal facebook account last night, too. Good thing I have screen shots.

  • Jim Southard

    This saga has been both fun and sad to follow. Most of this has been said by others, but I wanted you to hear a voice from the silent majority.

    There are a lot of folks like me who don’t post much but REALLY appreciate your reviews. You have a LOT more support in Fort Collins than Amy realizes. I agree with most of your reviews, and I consider myself critical and discerning when we eat out. My wife and I have lived in Fort Collins for 33 years and we eat out fairly often, but I still value different perspectives and I greatly appreciate information about the changing restaurant scene.

    I agree completely with your second RO review. Average at best. I’ll go there when others insist, but there are far better choices.

    I trust your integrity, and I don’t see how anyone who reads your reviews wouldn’t. We probably have different tastes in many ways, and that’s OK. But I’ve NEVER questioned that your reviews are your honest assessment.

    I think Amy’s character is clear to all. Hypocrite to the max, and clearly threatened by what she knows deep inside is the truth about both RO and her “blog.” She isn’t worth your attention, and she’s dug her own grave.

    Please don’t let this get you down, and keep up the good work.

    • KristinMastre

      Thank you, Jim. I appreciate you taking the time to post!

  • yepi6

    very interesting article

  • kizi2

    That is a good story and a little weird

  • 3Dsound

    I feel the need to show some local blogger love… KM blogs in the very small company of Fort Collins bloggers who have successfully used their online voice to speak to a wide audience. It’s a tough thing to do. Cat excelled at it. Bronan succeeds on his own terms. And before them, Fort Collins Confidential filled a niche, although the posts resounded in an echo chamber as often as they filled an auditorium — which is the problem and challenge of local blogging. How to engage others? KM is a master at it, and this cowardly attack on her blogging integrity will very soon pass away, as we continue to enjoy her restaurant reviews and her blogging entrepreneurship. Congratulations KM. -3Dsound

    • KristinMastre

      Thanks so much for the kind words and the blogger love!

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