The Little Bird Bakeshop

I’m a firm believer that the essential ingredients to building meaningful relationships are butter, flour and sugar. For some reason, these ingredients make it possible to bare your heart and soul, share a genuine smile and make everyday moments magical. Ever since The Little Bird Bakeshop opened, I’ve been hearing from friends and readers about how much they love it. Since my visits for this review, count me as one of the many who will rave about this little corner bakery in the heart of Old Town Square. My experiences have been filled with butter, flour, sugar, smiles, friendship and love.

Owned by pastry chef Amy Wyatt, The Little Bird Bakeshop had a rocky beginning before they opened, originally coming up with the bakery name “Butter” right next to Butter Cream Cupcakery in the square. With customer confusion between the two businesses, the name Butter was replaced with The Little Bird Bakeshop, an homage to Amy’s mother. Since the grand opening on December 14th, 2010, word about The Little Bird Bakeshop has been spreading like melting butter on a hot bun – smooth and tempting.

The space is absolutely beautiful. Quaint, bright, and homey with classic chic style – there are warm wood tones and exposed brick walls and an open look into the kitchen where you can watch Amy bake the day’s treats – almost non-stop. Her culinary experience is quite impressive, including working in the pastry kitchen of Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant in Manhattan, under the guidance of James Beard award-winning pastry chef Karen DeMasco, and as the pastry chef at The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn, New York, the best dessert cafe, as rated by Zagat. The Little Bird Bakeshop uses locally-sourced ingredients from Grant Family Farm, Morning Fresh Dairy, Coal Creek Coffee, Bhakti Chai, and Old Town Spice Shop. When you taste anything from the bakery display, you immediately taste the quality of ingredients and the skill from the hands that made them.

On my first visit to The Little Bird Bakeshop, I accompanied Robin Pavel and a part of her staff from Butter Cream Cupcakery. Occupying a large table by the front window, there were piles of delicacies with each person sharing dishes with one another, delighted with every bite. Cookies, eclairs, salted caramel shortbread, chocolate puddings, pie, cinnamon rolls with orange cream frosting – the list of what we ate was endless. It was a fabulous time with friendly people and some of the most amazing baked goods in Fort Collins. Butter, flour, sugar, smiles, conversation, and happiness were abundant.

I ordered a quad shot latte and a rice pudding that looked so charming in the small canning jar in the display. Both were rich with flavor – the latte finely crafted, creamy and smooth – the rice pudding thick and sweet (although still a bit too al dente). I loved the fact that when I couldn’t finish my rice pudding due the the large assortment of other baked goods that were ordered for our table, I could take the jar home, and return it for a $1 credit on my next visit.

On another visit, I met with some more friends for a lovely morning break. Angel from Cohere made a stop, since the coworking office was so close by. We sat chatting about business, Fort Collins, and things that were going on in our lives.

I nibbled on a coconut macaroon, and an almond croissant, and sipped on cups from my fresh press pot of coffee, while feeling exhilarated about our relative futures. The macaroon was a bit dried out, but the croissant was delectable, with the creamy, nutty paste in the center of the buttery flakes of the dough. I also had a slice of roasted potato cheddar quiche – tall and deep with thick slices of potato, silky egg custard and fresh herbaceous aftertastes. The coffee was sublime, each cup going down – one right after the other – in a swirl of earthy energy permeating my core. Butter, flour, sugar, smiles and friendship were plentiful.

Shortly thereafter, I met up with Cheri from Schonfeld Photography, for a much needed catch up. She ordered the homemade granola with milk, and a piece of salted caramel shortbread and a latte. It all came on a pretty silver tray with an adorable little carafe of milk. The granola was heavenly, with a delicate nuttiness from various sunflower seeds, and a sweetness from dried cherries. She refused to share the salted caramel shortbread with me, but I’ve had it before, and it tastes like a Twix bar from out of this world.

There is nothing like The Little Bird Bakeshop in Fort Collins – the quality of the pastries and breads are phenomenal in this unique, special little corner filled with butter, flour, and sugar in a town full of places just getting by. These essential ingredients have not only filled my happy mouth during every visit, but they’ve consumed each magical moment with dear friends. Because of these tasty daytime escapades, I don’t just like The Little Bird Bakeshop – I love it.

The Little Bird Bakeshop
11 Old Town Square #121
(970) 568-8906

Kid-Friendly? Yes!

Parking: Old Town street parking

Healthy Options? Not so much on the low calories side of things!

Budget-Friendly? Just about everything is under $5. There is a $2 cappuccino happy hour every Tuesday-Friday 7-10am.

Recent Health Inspection: Good

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