Tacos On The Street

Good food doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple ingredients put together well can create a fresh dish that speaks for itself. It’s one of the many reasons I love food carts. There, you have to keep it simple – there’s limited space for ingredients, and pretty much one cooking technique. Food carts narrow their scope to focus on one or two types of menu items and nail the execution, because it’s the dish they specialize in!

Tacos On The Street is the food cart on the northeast corner of College and Oak near the Aggie Theater. They’ve been serving some of the most simple – and yet, super tasty – street tacos in Fort Collins since the fall of 2010. They serve grilled rib-eye steak three ways – in tacos, tostadas, and quesadillas. Whatever form you choose to eat it in – it’s made with homemade corn or flour tortillas, topped with onions and cilantro, and fresh homemade salsa and guacamole.

That’s it. Those six simple ingredients. Those three basic dishes. But, they taste great.

I stopped by for lunch one sunny afternoon so I could enjoy the summer weather and people watch in Old Town. I ordered combo #1 – a taco, a quesadilla, and a toastada – all loaded with the available toppings of onion, cilantro, salsa and guacamole. The service was friendly and fun, chatting away while they grilled the steak right before my eyes. The cart was clean and organized with their operating license displayed right in front (and I later found out that they welded the cart together themselves – that’s impressive).

I sat on one of the park benches that line College and dug in. Since this the same dish each way – everything tasted about the same – simplistic and fresh. The grilled steak had a slight smokey flavor, and I thought it was kind of funny watching the smoke from the grill billow out onto the sidewalk, enticing more people to eat tacos.

The tacos were juicy and light, the toastada crispy and a bit too dry for my liking (next time I’d ask for extra salsa and guacamole). The quesadilla was the best of them all since the cheese really added another level of flavor and texture that pulled it all together (literally).

Not only was this light and simple in taste – it was the same for my pocketbook.

Good food doesn’t always need to be complicated. It’s fantastic that we have a real Mexican street taco option, and best of all – the simplicity is perfect.


Tacos On The Street
Northeast corner of College and Oak
no website available, but they do have a facebook page

Kid-Friendly? The kids will love it (especially quesadillas), and there’s the Oak Street Plaza with fountains across the way.

Parking: Parking lot on Remington, or Old Town street parking.

Healthy Options? The tacos are actually quite healthy – small in portion size and basic. No vegetarian options.

Budget-Friendly? Absolutely – most meals are under $6

Recent Health Inspection: Excellent

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