Eat Of The Week

There are a few questions people ask me about being a food writer and critic in Fort Collins. First is the list of my favorite places to eat, or questions about a specific best (where is the best Mexican restaurant or best Thai, for example). Then, I’m often asked if I’m always eating for reviews or if I ever have a chance to go back to my favorite places.

Being a prolific critic has its pros and cons in that area. On one hand, I’m always trying out new places to eat and it’s a constant adventure. On the other hand, I rarely have a chance to return to the places I love most.

I would really like to make a concerted effort to enjoy those restaurants that I write so highly of on a more regular basis. So, instead of the Sunday Table Talk posts each week on the blog (but you can still read them via newsletter, and the first one went out today), I’m going to post the “Eat Of The Week” – basically my favorite dish I ate that wasn’t for a review. It’s going to be a short and sweet post – similar to the food spotting posts, with a picture and a link.

Easy like Sunday morning…should be.

So, for the very first “Eat Of The Week” we have the Sweet Pork Quesole with Creamy Habanero sauce (sauce not pictured, but I drink the stuff) from Cafe Mexicali. We ate there for dinner on Monday night. We actually eat here the most often when not out for reviews, and I order this Every. Single. Time. It’s one of those dishes that I will never ever get sick of eating, even if I ate it every day. I love it.

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