Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

When we lived in Vegas, we were surrounded by a plethora of Mexican food options – taco trucks, fast-casual chains, sloppy mom and pop shops, and gourmet cuisine.  Not only were we surrounded by a variety of different Mexican food restaurants, but we ate at almost all of them from time to time.  This is where I gained my appreciation and practice for eating good Mexican food.  I haven’t found too many places in Fort Collins that are similar to what we ate in Vegas, but Lupita’s totally reminds me of those hellishly hot years, eating spicy carnitas in the summer sun.

Lupita’s is one of the newest additions to the Mexican food scene here in Fort Collins, opening in November of 2010.  Having more of a New Mexican-style than traditional Mexican, they replaced Revolution Doughnuts on Mulberry by City Park.  When I discovered that we were getting yet another Mexican restaurant and lost a doughnut shop, I don’t think my foodie heart could have been heavier.  However, Lupita’s picked up my spirits once I tasted their fare.

The boys and I stopped by for lunch after school.  We walked into a lovely, clean, and brand spankin’ new restaurant, and it appeared that we walked up to a counter to order.  Wrong.  As confusing as it is, you seat yourself and someone comes by to take your order.

The kids’ menu is standard – tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nuggets, and hamburgers.  Because  the choices were a bit boring, we decided to forgo the kids options and ordered ala carte.

The Preschooler wanted a plain tamale.  While perfect in size (and price!) for a little kid, it wasn’t done very well.  The masa was dried out, crumbly, and hard. He didn’t like it much (and I couldn’t blame him).

The Toddler ordered a bean and guacamole tostada.  The portion size was huge for him, so it was perfect to split between the two kids.  Piled high with iceberg lettuce and cheddar cheese, the kids dug in and devoured the mountain of food.  Simple, fresh flavors made this easy lunch a favorite.

I ordered a plain crispy chile relleno – that came out looking like a fried hot pocket. It didn’t impress me much.  I’m sure the smothered option tastes better, but I wasn’t a fan of the super thick wrap for breading and the cheddar cheese inside.

I also ordered a steak burrito smothered in green chile, and topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato. This was much better, and much more impressive.  If you’re looking for delicious green chile, Lupita’s is your place.  I ordered it with a medium heat to it, and it was absolutely perfect.  I could have had it as a bowl of soup. It had just enough spice with a soothing freshness that was speckled with bits of richness.  Pure awesome.  The steak was flavorful but could have been a bit more tender.  But really, I thought this behemoth burrito was great.

It’s tough to find quality Mexican food in Fort Collins, the type that is fast, fresh, and flavorful.  Sometimes we reminisce about our years in Vegas, eating from the incredible authentic places that spanned the city, but Lupita’s is filling that void for us now.  It brings back fond memories, and while it isn’t blowing my mind, it’s still what I would consider one of the better choices for Mexican food in Fort Collins.


Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant
1720 West Mulberry Street
(970) 568-8363
no website available

Kid- Friendly?  Sure

Parking?  Very small lot next to Little Caesars

Healthy Options?  There are a few vegetarian options

Budget-Friendly? I think it is with the most expensive item being a $7 burrito the size of a childs’ arm.

Recent Health Inspection? Excellent



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