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Sponsored Post: Brewers Jamboree


We have two event sponsorship partnerships this month, and Brewers Jamboree is one of them! I’ll be blogging about the event for the next 2 months and attending the event as well. This is the first year for Brewers Jamboree, so let’s rally the Feasting Fort Collins troops to help make it an awesome kickoff!

Brewers Jamboree was created by the Loose Affiliation of Fort Collins Craft Brewers (LAFCCB), a group consisting of the commercial craft brewers in Fort Collins and Loveland. So this was built by the breweries for the honest craft beer lovers. This isn’t like other beer festivals where the intention is to drink as much beer as possible. It’s the complete opposite. This festival is all about taking it slow and appreciating each sip.

There will be food and beer pairing tents, similar to a festival-style beer pairing dinner of sorts. You will be able to chat with each of the brewers because they will be right there at each booth. There will also be industry presentations to help foster beer education. This is the beer festival that we’ve been waiting for!

There will be plenty of musical entertainment along with beer education. So while the focus is on education, it’s going to be a fun family-friendly celebration, too. As a mom, I appreciate that it’s going to be fine for the kids to hang out here.

In good old Fort Collins fashion, there is a non-profit cause that’s being supported by the event. A big focus here is on water advocacy. It’s the main ingredient in beer, and it’s what makes our beer in Northern Colorado so delicious. A portion of the proceeds will go to Save The Poudre, a local organization that has been rallying to save and restore the Poudre River (as an aside and an avid outdoors person, this is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart).

There’s a lot of awesomeness that’s going into this beer festival! Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and share this info with your friends!

Here’s where you can purchase your tickets.


Brewers Jamboree

When: May 16th, 2015

2:00pm- 6:00pm: General Admission
1:00pm- 6:00pm: Premier Pass (VIP tasting)

Where: Legacy Park, 300 Woodlawn Drive, Fort Collins, CO



Sponsored Post: The TASTE

The Taste


It’s that time of year again! The TASTE to benefit the Food Bank of Larimer County is only four weeks away. This is one of my favorite food events of the year. I often call it “food prom of Fort Collins” because just about everyone in our local food industry is there to eat, drink, have fun and raise money for a great cause, all while dressed in cocktail dresses and sport coats. It’s one of the few times Fort Collins finds a reason to dress up.

Feasting Fort Collins is sponsoring The TASTE for the fifth year in a row, and I’m happy to do it year over year over year. My family is fortunate enough that our pantry is full and our counters are overflowing with fresh produce. My kids have never had to miss a meal or go hungry. But, that’s not the case for everyone in Fort Collins. If you’ve ever visited the food bank, you know that pulling up to the building is a humbling, sobering experience, watching so many people pushing their grocery carts up the ramp to gather the things they needed to eat. A good number of them are seniors. My heart sank when I saw this myself. The need for help is real and the people who need it are our very own neighbors in this community.

I’ll be blogging about the event for the next four weeks and attending the event as well. Each year I get a chance to chat with readers over plates of delicious food with a wine or beer in hand, and making some donations to the Food Bank in the process.

Join me in helping to make a difference in our community! Go get your tickets today!

Harbinger Coffee – 2nd review


Photo Credit: Harbinger Coffee Facebook Page


What is it that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary? We live in a world where few people or businesses are truly noteworthy and coffee houses are a dime a dozen. What is it that makes someone stand out from the crowd?


But not just passion, a carefully balanced passion between doing you and knowing that you aren’t going to be for everybody. Having the guts to pursue what you do without worrying about who’s going to follow behind. A passion brewed with fortitude and as meticulously percolated as the high quality pourover at Harbinger Coffee.

Harbinger Coffee started as Harbinger, The Coffee Spot – a hand-built coffee kiosk in the atrium below Drunken Monkey and Great Western Bank on College. They were known to serve only black coffee methodically created from carefully chosen artisanal craft coffee roasters. Proprietor, Jonathan Jarrow decided to take the leap into “just do you” philosophy at a time when the masses of coffee consumers were pupil deep in double caramel macchiatos with extra whipped cream. But just as Drake’s Lyrics sing “Started from the bottom, now we’re here,” Harbinger gained a loyal following of aficionados and evolved into their own full-service coffee house on the corner of Mason and Mulberry right on the MAX line. They re-opened January 25th, and are now known simply as Harbinger Coffee.

The changes from basement kiosk to full coffee house are as drastic as a side-by-side tasting comparison, but the essence of what Harbinger was remains. Now you walk into a minimalist atmosphere flooded with natural light that glows on the clean lines of the coffee bar – which is a brilliant intention of bringing coffee house and neighborhood bar together.

Coffee Bar

Photo Credit: Harbinger Coffee Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Harbinger Coffee Facebook Page

While other coffee houses are a brew-and-go operation, Harbinger creates an atmosphere where coffee is enjoyed at a slower pace, appreciated as much as a pint of craft beer. Jonathan brings a full-service experience to a historically fast-casual business by chatting with customers at the bar just as you would expect a bartender to do, and by making the rounds in the coffee house to refill water glasses for those sitting at tables. This makes them an excellent meeting space. It’s also an appropriate place to work on your laptop with outlets conveniently located along the length of the bar.

Black Coffee


Their menu has expanded into more than just a single cup of black coffee, now offering lattes, cappuccinos, tea, chai, hot chocolate, and steamed vanilla, etc – all without compromising the core standards that developed the business model to begin with. The ingredients are still high-quality and hand-crafted in house – including vanilla syrups and almond macadamia nut milk. This quality even extends into the baked goods sourced from Le Creperie, Donut Lodge, and I d’Eclair Pastry.

There are no compromises at Harbinger Coffee. What you see is what you get and, and what you get is fantastic. That’s what makes them stand out in a coffee saturated market, even after their expansion.


Harbinger Coffee
505 South Mason Street
(847) 274-2253

Kid-Friendly? Yes.

Parking: Street parking.

Healthy Options? They have house-made nut milk for vegan customers.

Budget-Friendly?  Less than $5 a coffee.

Recent Health Inspection: Unknown, they’re all listed as follow-up inspections without access to details

Five Stars