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Local Libations – La Luz


This week we had our 2nd monthly Tuesday Taco Club get together. Last month we met at Matador, and this month was at La Luz i Old Town. It was a lot of fun hanging out, eating tacos, talking about restaurants around Fort Collins, dining option in Boston, green chile in New Mexico, and Cincinnati chili ingredients.

Basically, when you get a bunch of Feasting Fort Collins readers together, we’re going to talk about food. I love it.

We were lucky enough to get to the restaurant during Happy Hour and nothing pairs better with tacos than margaritas. La Luz had $4 classic house margaritas – the El Jefe. They also had half-priced tequila shots, but as Jenny said, “I have to make wise decisions on a Tuesday night.” Indeed. No Tuesday tequila shots for us.

Made with blanco tequila, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice, the El Jefe is a very simple tart cocktail, but that’s why I really love this. You don’t need a sugared slushy with tequila for a good margarita. A simple, classic, clean drink often does the trick, and I’m a huge fan of the sour tartness from fresh lime juice.

Tuesday Taco club was a blast, and a great excuse to eat different tacos around Fort Collins. If there’s a margarita on the menu, you can count on me drinking that too!


Eat Of The Week


Life has been full of beer for me lately between hanging out by fireplaces with an IPA, listening to Bach with an awesome stout, and going to beer pairing dinners. Winter clearly means beer for my drinking pleasure.

Andrea at Cheers Fort Collins and I went to the New Belgium and D’Vine Bistro pairing dinner together last week. There was plenty of good food and beer to enjoy, but one pairing that stood out to me was the second course – arugula, orange, fennel salad with Accumulation vinaigrette served with a side of elk tar tar and paired with Accumulation White IPA.

This was a delightfully crisp and cleanly flavored dish, bright with citrus and tangy from the vinaigrette. The elk tar tar was delicious – no gaminess at all, just velvety soft deliciousness. It made me laugh coming back from the hunting trip thinking, damn, if we had come home with our own elk, I would have made this!

This is the type of creativity I’d love to see on our menus in Fort Collins, and because I enjoyed it so much, they make today’s Eat Of The Week.



Fort Collins Catering Guide

Fort Collins Catering

For years readers have asked me to start writing reviews on catering companies in Fort Collins. Logistically, this is almost impossible for me without hosting house parties every month, not to mention paying for a catered event on top of it. Unsurprising, this is an expensive task (albeit probably delicious) and exhausting for someone who is not a fan of hosting parties at home. I’d much rather go out. So, there’s no way I can pull this off.

But that’s not to say that readers don’t need some catering guidance. We have a number of catering companies in Fort Collins, but there’s also a good number of our local restaurants who are offering catering options as well (frankly, most of them do). Since we have a number of options, I won’t be able to list every single one without creating a novel. These companies that are listed are ones that I’ve tasted from other catered events, or have reviewed their regular restaurant operation, or I’ve personally hired them for my very infrequent catering needs. I did not include food trucks because I think they may be an obvious option – all food trucks will be able to cater your event provided they aren’t already scheduled at a brewery. I did not include catering companies that don’t have websites (seriously, there were a few) or restaurants that didn’t have catering details on their websites – and I’m sure this accounts for a large number of restaurants. May this be a lesson on how important those online details are.

Feel free to comment on companies that you’ve had personal experience with!

Scoop Holiday 2

If you have a special event coming up – a holiday party, company meeting, baby shower, birthday party, or student graduation – I hope this guide is helpful in choosing someone who will make it delicious!


Professional Catering Companies

Babette’s Feast

You may have tasted some of Babette’s pastries at Cafe Vino years ago when they first started. Or you might have tasted one of her custom wedding cakes as one of the few wedding bakers in Fort Collins. Not only do they offer cakes and pastries, but they have a catering menu for breakfast, lunch, and hors d’oeuvres.

Carter’s Creative Catering

They are a full-service catering company based out of Loveland who also creates some pretty incredible wedding cakes.

Northern Colorado Catering

Formerly “All Occasions Catering” and quite possibly one of the biggest catering operations in town. They are the creators of Nita Crisps, the flat crackers you see at many of the breweries in Northern Colorado.


Chef Daggett is manning the kitchens of Compass Cider and Rise, but still keeping up with catering through Tastebuds.


Fort Collins Restaurants

These restaurants offer off-site catering services. Just about every restaurant would be able to accommodate your needs for an on-site private event.

Bann Thai - four star restaurant rating, but was also included in Restaurant Roulette series

Bisetti’s - two star restaurant rating

Canino’s - three star restaurant rating

Choice City Butcher & Deli - five star restaurant rating, although concerning health inspections for many years

Common Link – five star restaurant rating, and they cater outside of the truck- offering hot/cold buffet-style and more

Farmer’s Table - four star restaurant rating

Fiona’s Deli - five star restaurant rating

Gravity 1020 - four star restaurant rating

Hog Wild BBQ - four star restaurant rating

Hunan Chinese Restaurant - not yet rated

International Appetite Bistro - five star restaurant rating. They’ve catered Ignite Fort Collins multiple times and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their catering dishes.

Island Grill - three star restaurant rating

Jax Fish House - five star restaurant rating

Las Salsitas - four star restaurant rating. They catered a friends’ birthday party a few years ago and it was incredibly delicious.

Los Tarascos - five star restaurant rating

Luciele’s - three star restaurant rating

Matador Mexican Grill - three star restaurant rating. I’ve hired them for taco bars for Scoop Blog Network meetings and parties. Loved it!

Moe’s BBQ - two star restaurant rating

MoJeaux’s - not yet rated

Next Door Food & Drink - five star restaurant rating

Panino’s - four star restaurant rating

Rainbow Restaurant - four star restaurant rating. I’ve personally worked with them on fruit and veggie trays. They do a spectacular job with plating presentation.

Sonny Lubick’s Steakhouse - four star restaurant rating

Sousa’s Smokin’ BBQ - five star restaurant rating

Spoons - four star restaurant rating

Stuft - three star restaurant rating

Taps Sports Bar - two star restaurant rating

The Boot Grill - not yet rated

The Garlic Knot - two star restaurant rating

Tortilla Marissa’s - two star restaurant rating

Yum Yum’s - four star restaurant rating