Five Chefs, 5 Farms Dinner at Jax Fish House

I went into this evening thinking of this dinner as the “5 Chefs, 5 Farms, 5 Stars” dinner. When I saw the line-up, I was thrilled. I admire and highly ...

Umami Mobile Eatery

The world of food trucks really resonates with me as a person. I see food trucks almost as rogue restaurants run by people who really thrive on the freedom that ...

Nimo’s Sushi and Japanese Restaurant – 2nd review

  “Ugh, we live in a landlocked state. I’m never eating fish in Colorado – especially sushi.” I hear this often during conversations about sushi in Fort Collins. Or seafood ...

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Eat Of The Week

I don’t eat fried rice. If I have a choice between fried rice and steamed rice, I will always choose steamed to go with whatever Chinese food I’ve ordered. Fried rice just doesn’t appeal to me fore some reason.

Except for the avocado ginger fried rice at Sally’s Kitchen. Add some shrimp and I will eat that stuff for days.

We stopped by Sally’s Kitchen for take-out after picking up Bill from the Harmony Park and Ride upon his return from a weeklong fishing trip in Minnesota. Just a straight shot down the road, made fresh, and absolutely delicious. This dish is one of my favorites in Fort Collins, and that says a lot for someone who doesn’t eat fried rice. So they make today’s Eat Of The Week (again).



Sponsored Post – Tell Us How You Support Them!

I love hearing from friends and readers about how they supported one of the Feasting Fort Collins sponsors:

  • Having a family meal at Matador when they re-opened for dinner after being closed for lunch to repair crazy hail damage after the last storm.
  • Ordering baby shower desserts from Butter Cream Cupcakery.
  • Calling Jason Speciner CFP to talk about student loan repayment options.
  • Or calling Jennifer Bond because you’re looking to switch insurance companies after your hail storm experience.
  • How KidsTown saved your hide because your summer sitter canceled on you last minute.
  • Or how All Star Cleaning saved your sanity because they took a cleaning burden off your shoulders.


The blogs in The Scoop Blog Network are a homegrown media company. We’re as local as you can get, and our content is focused on what makes Fort Collins, well Fort Collins. We do this all at no cost to our readers. We see how subscriptions are a turn-off, so we rely on our advertising sponsors. We could not be doing this without them.

It takes a lot of work to make this happen. I pay for every meal reviewed (nothing is free for reviews). Not only are there dining costs, but also the time and effort it takes to write every week and be on social media for you. Rather than putting up a paywall and fund this through reader subscriptions, which many publications are moving towards, we opt for funding through our advertisers.

I really appreciate that they support the work that goes into writing all of this. Without their support, this blog wouldn’t be able to function. And without your support of them, they wouldn’t be here. 

If you visit a sponsor because they help fund Feasting Fort Collins, please let them know! Check out their websites, visit their businesses, and give them a call for services. They make it possible for you to find the best Mexican restaurant or avoid the terrible pasta.









All Star Cleaning is who cleans our own home, so I can personally vouch for how awesome their business is! Last week they cleaned our house right before we left for a weekend camping trip. We left a spotless house and came back to a spotless house. I tell you, it was so nice taking that first after-camp shower in a super clean bathroom. All I had to do was throw our camp clothes in the washer, our dishes in the dishwasher, take a shower and relax. I really appreciated them making that happen! They can do that for you too!


Butter Cream Cupcakery is the founding Feasting Fort Collins sponsor! They’ve been with me from the very beginning, which makes them super amazing. They were the ones who made me realize that I could make this blog what it is today. Make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get updates on the surprise flavors and all of the fun things they are doing. That way you won’t feel like you missed out on fantastic cupcake flavors! 

Matador is another long-time supporter of the blog, reaching the five year point this year, too. They’ve grown exponentially over those five years as a restaurant and as a part of our community. They are constantly flexing their creative muscles in the kitchen, like experimenting with pickled limes. Yeah, go see what that’s all about!


Jason Speciner has been a long-time avid sponsor, too! He’s joined me on a handful of reviews and loves to chat about what’s happening in our restaurant scene. Birds of a feather flock together, right? Right. Not only has he been a big supporter for many years, but he also writes a financial planning blog where you can learn more about financial planning for free. He’s a great resource on a topic that I think many of us may need help with. His blog is also on Facebook and  Twitter, if you like to catch up that way, or you can sign up for his monthly newsletter.


Jennifer Bond at Nancy Bond Insurance is another long-time avid reader and long-time avid sponsor who has joined me on quite a few reviews over the years, and is always up for some food fun. I thin that’s what makes a lot of our sponsors great partners – we all have a common love for Fort Collins food. Jennifer also writes their blog posts, which are always funny and informative. She recently published a post about rental car coverage – something that many of you might want to know about as you go on your last weeks of summer road trips. Go check them out!!

We’ve been big fans of KidsTown for many, many years. They’ve been our go-to sitter for the times I need to go to meetings, Doctors appointments and date nights. Now that school is out, we’ve been relying on them more, and I’m so happy to have them as a flexible childcare option. And it’s a blast for the kids, too. Our boys always enjoy their time there, making new friends and excited to see old friends there as well. And the staff is super sweet that the kids always feel comfortable going there. We love them!



Eat Of The Week

Today’s Eat Of The Week is simple – Happy Hour Oysters at Jax Fish House. Sometimes life is all about simple pleasures like good food and good company…

When I woke up on Monday morning the first thing Bill said was, “You didn’t wake up in a bad mood, but you didn’t wake up in a good one, either.” It felt like that all day and for no apparent reason. I was really looking forward to the Happy Hour date at the end of the day. I totally forgot that Monday is all day Happy Hour at Jax, too. What a smart day of the week to do it.

A couple of martini’s, a plate of oysters, and some snow crab along with great conversation was the reset button that I needed. Occasionally, that’s all you need.