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La Piadina

La Piadina

Last Friday night Bill and I took a walk around our neighborhood in the rain. It was warm for a light rainstorm and it felt so reviving being in the gentle darkness, breathing in deep cleansing breaths. When we got home I didn’t want to go back inside. I wanted to stay outside forever. So I plopped down in the grass, starfish-style, looking up at the night sky as raindrops sprinkled down on my face. Being the dorky writer that I am, I realized the difference between the definition of “sprinkle” and “drizzle” in that moment. FYI – it’s all in the size and spray pattern.

The grass was soft, like natures blanket. It smelled of earthy mushrooms. It was a moment I wanted to soak in for hours, and I would have if it would have been socially acceptable to look like you’re passed out on your front lawn in the middle of the night.

I was brought back to this moment when I was at the most recent food truck rally on Wednesday evening. It had been raining ever so slightly, the same kind of sprinkle on that magical Friday night. I sat with friends under a beautiful tree in City Park, comfortable on the soft grass beneath us.

My friend Paul commented about loving food trucks, being able to eat dinner in the sun on the grass. I felt like sprawling out on the soft blades to watch the leaves flutter in the rain again, but this time with food in my hands.

I had a similar moment with my friend Jennifer at the food truck rally at City Park a couple of weeks before – sitting in the green, the warm sun on our skin, people watching and having insightful conversation.

By now, long time readers know that I’m one of the biggest food truck fans in town. It’s because of these simple moments that cannot be experienced inside a brick and mortar restaurant – not even on a patio. It is the perfect balance between food and the outdoors in the city – a picnic that you don’t have to prepare for. While the dining is as minimalistic as you can get, the food – simple to make and serve – reflects that balance of nature and quality flavor our dining community strives for.

At both food truck rallies I ate at La Piadina, a truck I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. La Piadina has been running for a little over year by owner Menyus Borocz and his girlfriend Stacy Sevelin. Menyus is also the bassist in Wire Faces. La Piadina has a typical food truck schedule, brewery rounds at lunch and events in the evening. As of today, the CSU lunch contracts have expired and have not been renewed, so you won’t find them there again from this point on. 

Jennifer and I chowed down on their piadina sandwiches at City Park, determining that the bread looks like a quesadilla but has the texture and flavor closer to naan. Although it’s an old dish, it’s unique in Fort Collins.


Their ingredients are farm fresh; they even grow arugula and basil from their own backyard garden. Everything is made from scratch – including their cheese, pesto, and marinara. It tastes like an Italian garden in your hand. My first impression after eating there? “La Piadina is probably the most underrated food truck in Fort Collins,” I said at the food truck rally.

La Piadina Menu

I’ve had their “Da Capri” – fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and balsamic. I’ve also had their “La Genovese” – fresh pesto, stracchino cheese, and tomatoes. Both were light and refreshing meals with straightforward, uncomplicated flavors. The sandwiches are large, and word to the wise, keep them wrapped as they are. I made the mistake of unwrapping mine for the photo and it’s not as easy to eat. But, when kept in the wrap, it’s the same as eating a Big City Burrito in foil.

La Piadina Sandwich

Piadina Wrapped

Photo Credit: La Piadina Facebook Page

Photo Credit: La Piadina Facebook Page

I also suggest adding a little bit of their flavored olive oil or balsamic vinegar to add some extra kick. Without it, it’s a mild garden flavor. Adding a little extra is a nice touch of punch.

They also serve San Pellegrino if you’d like a beverage to go with, and let me tell you, this is one of my weaknesses. It is the absolute perfect pairing for a meal in the grass.

A great food truck is able to capture the relaxing feeling of dining al fresco in the flavor of their menu. La Piadina does just this. It’s delicious dining in the gentle breeze with a perfect seat on the lawn. They are the truck that makes you enjoy the small simple pleasures in life – like feeling the sprinkle of rain on your face, and licking fresh pesto from your fingers in the park.


La Piadina    
Roaming the streets of Fort Collins

Kid Friendly? Yes! But they won’t be able to eat a whole sandwich, make sure to split it.

Parking: Wherever the truck is parked

Healthy Options? They do have bread options that are vegan/vegetarian safe. The whole concept is pretty healthy to begin with.

Budget Friendly? Average pricing is $7

Recent Health Inspection: Excellent

Four Stars





Eat Of The Week

There’s a pizza war going on at our house. We’re at odds when it comes to deciding on where to order our pizza from. I like Krazy Karls, Uncle’s, and Celestino’s. Bill likes Pizza Casbah. I feel like it becomes a battle of wills when we’re trying to decide where to eat, and I always give up since life is about compromise. Especially marriage. And who wants to fight about pizza, anyway? (don’t answer that – the pizza wars are strong with Feasting Fort Collins readers, too).

I spent the majority of this weekend in Poudre Canyon getting chased by moose and writing about the best campgrounds in Poudre Canyon, so Bill was left to dinner decisions with the kids. On Sunday night I came home to find that he picked up meatball and pepperoni pizza from Casbah.

After a weekend like that, you better believe I ate it and didn’t say a word.

So Bill’s favorite pizzeria makes today’s Eat Of The Week.



Sponsored Post – Feasting Fort Collins Doesn’t Happen Without Them

What a beautiful Sunday morning, perfect for sharing some sponsor appreciation! Each month I give a shoutout  to our sponsors because without them, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog. And that’s the honest to god truth.

It takes a lot of work to make this happen. I pay for every meal reviewed – nothing is free for reviews. It’s a good thing because that money goes right back to our restaurants in our local economy and every server is tipped well. It is a circle of support, and really “support” means “money” in Fort Collins. No one can pay their bills with compliments. Rather than putting up a paywall and fund this through reader subscriptions, which many publications are moving towards, our advertisers are the ones who keep this going.

I really appreciate that they support the work that goes into writing all of this. Without their support, this blog wouldn’t be able to function. And without your support of them, they wouldn’t be here. 

If you visit a sponsor because they help fund Feasting Fort Collins, please let them know! Check out their websites, visit their businesses, and give them a call for services. They make it possible for you to find the best Mexican restaurant or avoid the terrible pasta.

And if you want to jump on board as a Feasting Fort Collins, email me at! There are some big reviews in the hopper, like The Kitchen, that will need more sponsors since they’re a bit expensive and I visit each restaurant twice (at least) for every review to be fair. We could use a few more in the upcoming months!









All Star Cleaning is who cleans our own home, so I can personally vouch for how awesome their business is! They come over every other week and do an amazing job. Not only do they make your house sparkle, but it is a stress reliever as well. They just make life easier. I really appreciated them making that happen! They can do that for you too! But one thing that I love about All Stars is that they aren’t just a cleaning company, they are fun people who chat up your kids and leave nice notes. My youngest started Kindergarten last week and they were excited to hear about his first day at school when he came home. It was cute.


Butter Cream Cupcakery is the founding Feasting Fort Collins sponsor! They’ve been with me from the very beginning, which makes them super amazing. They were the ones who made me realize that I could make this blog what it is today. Make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get updates on the surprise flavors and all of the fun things they are doing. That way you won’t feel like you missed out on fantastic cupcake flavors! 

Matador is another long-time supporter of the blog, reaching the five year point this year, too. They’ve grown exponentially over those five years as a restaurant and as a part of our community. They are constantly flexing their creative muscles in the kitchen, and having fun giveaways on their Facebook page.  If you’re into betting on Football, then you’re going to want to keep an eye on their page for a boat load of giveaway certificates. Not only do they have great food and like to have fun, but Paul is a huge help when I start whipping up editorials about the restaurant industry. It’s great to have him as a resource of information, too!


Jason Speciner has been a long-time avid sponsor, too! He’s joined me on a handful of reviews and loves to chat about what’s happening in our restaurant scene. He’s a great resource on a topic that I think many of us may need help with. He has tips on Facebook and  Twitter, so you can follow along at your leisure. If you happen to be a restaurant owner, then he’s the guy you want to talk to about setting up retirement plans and all of the financial planning things that tend to get pushed to the side. He knows the financial side of the restaurant industry well!


Jennifer Bond at Nancy Bond Insurance is another long-time avid reader and long-time avid sponsor who has joined me on quite a few reviews over the years, and is always up for some food fun. I think that’s what makes a lot of our sponsors great partners – we all have a common love for Fort Collins food. Jennifer is another person who knows what restaurant owners need for the best insurance coverage. We’ve seen owners close up because of pipe floods and kitchen fires – she makes sure your covered so your restaurant can go on.

We’ve been big fans of KidsTown for many, many years. They’ve been our go-to sitter for the times I need to go to meetings, doctors appointments and date nights. Our boys always enjoy their time there, making new friends and excited to see old friends there as well. And the staff is super sweet that the kids always feel comfortable going there. We love them! If you’ve been stuck without many options during PSD’s early release for heat days, KidsTown is an affordable option. You don’t have to sign up for contracts – just drop your kids off anytime you need to!