Feasting Fort Collins
duck consumme with foie gras black truffle ravioli
Ace Gillett's

Media Tasting – Ace Gillett’s Duck Pairing Dinner

By On November 20, 2015

Media tastings are not reviews, but they are a great way for me to learn more about full menu offerings, dish updates, and special events from our local restaurants. Media tasting invitations… Read More

Apple Pie Grilled Cheese

The Fox and The Crow

By On November 12, 2015

The Fox and The Crow is one of Aesop’s Fables… The flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him. The fact that I’m about to write a raving review,… Read More

Superior Donuts
Media Tasting

Media Tasting – Superior Donuts by Open Stage Theater

By On October 31, 2015

“Superior Donuts by Open Stage Theater. What? This is a food blog. I’m supposed to be reading restaurant reviews,” is what you’re probably thinking to yourself. Hold up, hang in there with me.… Read More

honey cream latte
Coffee Houses and Juice Bars

Downtown Artery Cafe

By On October 30, 2015

The creative arts struggle in Fort Collins. This is no secret, and it has been this way for years. First, there are so many events, we’re saturated beyond belief that the competition… Read More

Carnitas Taco
Austin Taco

Austin Taco

By On October 18, 2015

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Considering the tacos that Austin Taco has brought to Fort Collins, I believe it. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, though. Austin Taco joined the… Read More


Sponsored Post – These businesses make it possible!

By On October 4, 2015

Each month I give a shoutout to our sponsors because without them, I wouldn’t be able to write Feasting Fort Collins. It truly takes our advertisers to keep things running smooth over… Read More

Foraged Fork
Equinox Brewing

Foraged Fork Pairing Dinner at Fish Restaurant

By On September 25, 2015

Sometimes I think about dropping everything and living in a tiny house in the mountains, with a homegrown Colorado garden for fresh produce, harvesting elk, deer, fish and other animals for meat,… Read More

Media Tasting

Media Tasting – The Cooking Studio

By On September 21, 2015

Media tastings are not reviews, but they are a great way for me to learn more about full menu offerings, dish updates from our local restaurants, and food and beverage related events… Read More

Smoked Corn

Bigs Meat Wagon

By On September 12, 2015

The last days of summer are upon us, a transition between carefree nights under starry skies to the crisp crunch of fallen leaves underneath our feet. I’m not going to lie, saying… Read More

San Diego Sunset

Eat Of The Week On The Road – San Diego

By On September 4, 2015

I rarely leave the state lines of Colorado, so it’s always nice to stretch my wings – and tastebuds – and explore other restaurants around the country. Sure, I get a chance… Read More

Summit Cider


By On August 27, 2015

One of the biggest frustrations that I have as a critic is when I write a glowing five-star review, only for readers to come back sharing their horror stories of completely opposite… Read More

Cafe Vino
Cafe Vino

Eat Of The Week – Cafe Vino

By On August 25, 2015

One of the questions I’m asked most is, “what is your favorite restaurant in Fort Collins?” Over the years it has become easy for me to make that decision with a solid… Read More

Harbinger C Crawl
Caffeine Crawl

Sip Of The Week – Caffeine Crawl

By On August 13, 2015

Usually the Sip Of The Week is a notable cocktail that I enjoyed at a local bar, brewery, or distillery. But, today’s Sip is all about that sweet, sweet morning nectar –… Read More