Five Chefs, 5 Farms Dinner at Jax Fish House

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Umami Mobile Eatery

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Nimo’s Sushi and Japanese Restaurant – 2nd review

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Dam Good Tacos

One of the biggest challenges as a food writer is making boring food something interesting to read about. Often times I fail, and it’s just as painfully boring to write as it is to suffer through the text as a reader.

Well, since having the super flu last week (and still somewhat recovering), I’ve lost my writing mojo. Add that in with an average restaurant that I wasn’t particularly impressed with, and I sat at my laptop screen preparing to write another uninspired review. Until I figured I’d just write a haiku in slide format.

So, there we have it.


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Dam Good Tacos  
120 1/2 West Laurel Street
(970) 222-1527

Kid-Friendly? It’s more of a CSU hangout than a family dining spot. No kids’ menu, no high chairs

Parking: Shared lot, and it’s a small one

Healthy Options? There are quite a few vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Budget-Friendly? 2 for $5 is a great budget-friendly price, which is why it’s a students’ dream taco stop.

Recent Health Inspection: Unknown

Three Stars





Eat Of The Week

We all have comfort foods for every occasion. Pho is mine when I’m in need of some soup for the soul.

The other day I had an intense craving for some Pho after days of eating Campbell’s soup and crackers (and typing that out triggers the gag reflexes – if I never eat Campbell’s again, I’ll be fine). So, Bill being the awesome husband that he is grabbed some Pho for takeout from Youngs Cafe for me.

There’s something about the sweet and savory broth that revitalizes the mind, and something about the hearty yet light rice noodles that nourishes the body.

After chowing down on a large bowl, I sent a text to Bill. “OMG, I really needed that. I feel so much better already <3″

This Eat Of The Week was the best thing I ate all week.



Eat Of The Week


I spent this past weekend at our Blogger Bootcamp seminar, teaching other bloggers in Fort Collins everything we know about professional blogging with a lot of help from Skippy at Ask Us Fort Collins, June at Growing Up Fort Collins, and Katrina at Tails of Fort Collins. We had a great time and learned a lot. I actually learned a great deal from my network bloggers, even though I’ve been doing this for many years. I loved it!

This weekend also provided me an opportunity to get out for lunch with the group and check on a few different restaurants. On Sunday half of us went to Avo’s and the other half went to The Mayor. I decided to hit up Avo’s since I hadn’t been there in a while. After looking over their large menu, I finally decided on a falafel sandwich and a side of sweet potato fries.

Now, remember – the Eat Of The Week isn’t just a highlight of awesome food around Fort Collins, it’s just a selection of things I’ve eaten that weren’t up for a full review. I think it’s still important that the Eat Of The Week reflects the honesty that everyone has come to expect on Feasting Fort Collins.

With that said – the falafel sandwich kind of sucks.

The falafel was mushy and bland. I wasn’t impressed. However, the sweet potato fries were great. I posted my photo to Instagram (which is a new platform for Feasting Fort Collins – so get over there and follow if you’re on it!) and a few readers commented about how awesome the fried cheese is and the fried zucchini.

Well, try those items instead of the falafel. Or even the tempeh burger, because I’ve always liked that too. And their gazpacho in the summer is delightful. But here’s your Eat Of The Week tip – skip the falafel.